IQ TBS is used by more than 28 European TBS's and 10.000+ Producers, Retailers, and Exporters in Europe!

IQ TBS is our standard European and integrated platform for all WEEE Directive Products (Including Batteries)

IQ TBS efficiently and effectively handles the complete declaration of Put on the Market (PoM) data and collection of recycling fees compliant with the WEEE Directive.   

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Easy use of combined overviews which are repeatedly used for quick access!

Setup, Save and Combine overviews!

TBS's, Members and Accountants at all levels can make pre-sets of overviews, tables and reports. With 1 click they can be easily saved and selected for later use.

An example of a combined overview

  • A Task & Actions Overview in which TBS's, Members and Accountants can see the tasks and actions which need to be done.
  • The Declaration Status Overview is an easy and clear overview to see the status of declarations per period.


Clear overviews with information that is relevant for your job

By using this overview a TBS can see all declarations and the status per member in 1 clear view.

It is possible to choose a specific period to have a quick overview of all declarations by members in that period. A member can also check all its declarations in the Declaration Overview.



Benefits of using IQ TBS!



One integrated system



Rapid implementation with low costs


Helpdesk requests down by 30-40%


IQ TBS is a European solution



Compliant to European WEEE & Battery Directive and National Legislation



Save combined overviews as a pre-set for quick access with one click.



A high degree of Security & Confidentiality



Easy data exchange to local Accountant & Authorities


Standard reports with the flexibility to make your own overviews

Make dashboards and reports with tables and graphs based on filters, periods, and other variables.

Easily show these reports with 1 click and save them for later use.


Make your overviews in every language: For example a Task & Actions Overview

On each level, multi-lingual overviews can be created easily. By importing your preferred- and/or default language used by other customers of IQ TBS.


Easy for Accountants that have their Overviews within IQ TBS

  • Easy check of the orders

  • Orders are imported into the accounting systems of individual Accountants throughout Europe

  • With these orders, invoices are generated.

  • In return, the accounting system provides to IQ TBS the status of the payments

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A Selection of our Business Cases

Based on IQ TBS. We developed and operate the Blackbox in Europe

For Philips, Osram, General Electric, and PwC (The Lighting Industry).

The platform manages an European and integrated platform for:

  • All WEEE Directive Products (all Categories inclusive Batteries)

  • Put on the Market (PoM) declaration and collection of recycling fees in Europe. Compliant to the WEEE Directive!

FEDEX uses IQ Quest for more than 23 years for Customer Loyalty Worldwide

  • We developed and operate the platform Worldwide in 52 languages. They use it for training/bonuses of the customer service reps

  • We used our products IQ Portal, IQ Quest, and IQ Report for this solution




We developed and manage a European platform for WEEE Europe

  • Producers can declare Put on the Market (PoM) data centrally. For all European countries through One Platform

  • Compliant to the WEEE Directive and European Legislation