Build Custom Solutions with IQ Portal using  Re-Usable APP's

IQ Portal is our online development platform with Re-usable APP’s, which can be used to build custom applications.

All the app's within IQ Portal are used by all our solutions that are operational Worldwide.

This makes it simpler, more efficient, quicker to develop stable and secure applications. All our customers Worldwide use IQ Portal 24/7.  The platform is fully tested, secure and based on the newest technology.

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Benefits of using IQ Portal!




Many Re-Usable APP’S


Used by all our international customers Worldwide 24/7


Rapid and stable development


Standard products based on IQ Portal: IQ Response, IQ Report & IQ TBS



Hierarchical Access Possible


Easy integration with your existing applications


Multi-Lingual & Multi- Channel


Extreme high degree of Security & Confidentiality





























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A selection of our Customers using Solutions built with IQ Portal



A Selection of our Business Cases

Based on IQ TBS. We developed and operate the Blackbox in Europe

For Philips, Osram, General Electric, and PwC (The Lighting Industry).

The platform manages an European and integrated platform for:

  • All WEEE Directive Products (all Categories inclusive Batteries)

  • Put on the Market (PoM) declaration and collection of recycling fees in Europe. Compliant to the WEEE Directive!

FEDEX uses IQ Quest for more than 23 years for Customer Loyalty Worldwide

  • We developed and operate the platform Worldwide in 52 languages. They use it for training/bonuses of the customer service reps

  • We used our products IQ Portal, IQ Quest, and IQ Report for this solution




We developed and manage a European platform for WEEE Europe

  • Producers can declare Put on the Market (PoM) data centrally. For all European countries through One Platform

  • Compliant to the WEEE Directive and European Legislation